Hey... you up? If you’re free rn I was thinking we could build the kingdom of god or something like that?

Enjoy this song as you move about the cabin (of my mind).


Stephen Hawking.png

This is a website of my learnings, teachings, and downloads(straight from source bro, hella pure)

Dive into my mind and lets create heaven together... what greater quest exists?

The only thing I know is that I don’t know anything for certain. But here’s some things I think are important...

The New Meta On Long Term Thinking

Thought To Reality Difficulty Is Approaching 0

An Existential Purpose


Writings From The Golden Age

The Cosmic Arcade

A Poem For My Family

Contrarian Correctness

Short Thoughts On Change

A Conversation On Cult(ures)

The Bottleneck of Existence | A re-write.

Welcome to the AXIAL AGE DLC

What Adam CAN Do

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