Jackson Jesionowski’s 2nd Brain

Jackson Jesionowski’s 2nd Brain

This is a website of my learnings, teachings, writings etc.

Dive into my mind and lets create heaven together... what greater quest exists?
Candid Stream Of Conciousness
Questions To Start Deep Conversations

My Writings:

The only thing I know is that I don’t know anything for certain. But here’s some thoughts...
An Existential Purpose
Hope Can = Heaven
Hacking Happiness
Heaven: The last part of dystopia
Optimizing For Heroism
Life 3.0 Excerpt
The first to create AGI will be the last
The Will To Live | Longevity Research
If I wanted to control the world...
What is Duality?
Psychological egoism
The Dragon Of Age
The Battle Within US
The Prophecy
Fact Or Cap: You Are Going To Die 10/10/2020
Aging Butterfly Effect Story 6/11/2020
Take a moment, and look into the future with me. 5/23/2020
Quantum Immoreality 4/27/2020
Purpose And Meaning 2/18/2020
Life’s Greatest Project 3/17/2020
Thiel Fellowship App 7/27/20
Dopamine System | Freemason’s Lodge 7/9/2019
Business Ideas 9/18/2018
Thiel Fellowship App 8/15/2017
Seeing-Through Bias: My Own and Others 11/30/2016
Psychology Notes 10/21/2016
The Life You Let Die 10/13/2016
The Men Work Sundays 10/10/2016
Freedom: The Joy of Being Hooked by Christianity 10/8/16
New Years Eve Newer York | 2/4/2016
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The start of some vibe packets that I then found other work more useful than writing Leaving these unfinished vibe packets here. (I think of all information as a vibe packet)
My Worldview
Prompt: What is the one thing you cherish most about humanity?
Prompt: How To Maximize Positive Impact
Depersonalization | A guide out.
Optimize For Impact | Effective Altruism
This Isn't Base Reality [Does That Matter]
Thinking about thinking
How To Save The World
Knowledge Tree Writing
48 Laws Of Love
Humans As Nuerons Of A Brain
Thinking Of The Perfect Lady
The Speed Of Our Brain
The Tribe Of Humanity
Deferred Life Plan
The Meaning Of Life
Elondrop Reachout